Unfortunately it can happen a client becomes aggressive or misbehaves. This can bring you in unwanted and unforeseen situations. We are always on stand-by. For this reason we have a alam/panic button on every room.

This means whenever you press the button a loud alarm will go off en we get a notification. Also your colleagues in the rooms next to you can hear the alarm too and via a screen in the hallway they can see where exactly. All our employees are always within 100 meters so they can be on the spot very quickly.

Sanitary Facilities

Although all rooms are equipped with a sink, you can find spacious toilets and shower facilities in all buildings.

At location Geleenstraat there are also jacuzzi’s available.


These days we are so used to our phones and who can be without Internet these days. Ofcourse you want to be able to speak with family and friends abroad. For this we also use Internet often. For this reason we provide free WiFi in all our buildings.


Because some clients can use some extra stimulant we equiped all our rooms with TV and DVD.


Every day all rooms are provided with clean sheets and towels. Whenever you need to change you can pick up a fresh pair at our office.

Coffee and tea

Need a break? Come in for a nice cup of coffee or just grab one and take it with you. For cold refreshments there are soda machines available.


Your client doesn’t have enough cash? No problem! With our mobile payment terminal he can always pay with card. Afterwards we return the money to you.


At the end of the month all our invoices are automatically sent via email to you or your bookkeeper. On all our invoices it clearly states on which days and what ours you have rented your room. Very convenient for your own administration.


In all our buildings we have 24 hour camera surveillance which are viewed on big screens on both our office locations by the attending manager. This is for prevention of unwanted behavior and if needed we can provide footage to the local police.

For all tenants we have lockers to safely store your clothing and valuables.

Overnight stay and parking

In the immediate vicinity of the both the Doublet and Geleenstraat are car parks where you can park at a reduced rate.

We have multiple buildings in the immediate vicinity where you can stay overnight of for a longer period. Please contact us for more information.