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Casa Viola


For more than 40 years Casa Viola is one of the largest professional windows operators with rooms at both the Doubletstraat and Geleenstraat in The Hague. Because we have many different rooms (street side rooms, passage rooms, rooms with separate showcases, SM rooms etc.) there is a room for every preference. You can easily recognize our office due to the violet color of the windows and doors. Hence the name Casa Viola.


Respect: For us everyone is equal and we treat everyone equally, we give respect to all but also expect it in return.

Own boss: Being an independent worker (ZZP’er in Dutch) you are your own boss. This means you and only you decides how you work, how much you work and whom your clients are. So you decide, not us, the client or “friends”.

Every type of force or duress is unacceptable to us, whenever we feel like you are not working out of free will and not working for yourself but in service of someone else we will immediately report this to the police and terminate our agreement.